Natural Allergy Treatment

Do you struggle with managing your allergies? Traditional treatments only mask your symptoms and do little to prevent runny eyes, congestion, and fatigue. Dr. Mark Fleming at New Health Solutions in Zelienople, PA, offers a better solution with natural allergy treatment.

What are Allergies?

Allergies are an immune response to irritants that threaten your health. Under normal circumstances, your body fends off the irritating substances. Allergy symptoms develop when your immune system over-responds to a substance. Sneezing, coughing, itching, and wheezing indicate that your body is releasing histamines to trap and destroy the allergens. Traditional allergy treatments reduce the inflammation and clear your sinuses, but do little to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction in the future.

Naturopathic Care for Allergies

Dr. Fleming uses natural allergy treatment to reduce your symptoms and prevent future allergic reactions. He uses a proactive approach that aims to prevent a hyper-response from your immune system that causes allergy symptoms.

Naturopathic Treatments for Allergies

Treating allergies naturally involves understanding what your body needs, as well as any triggers that heighten the symptoms. Dr. Fleming may recommend a combination of nutritional and herbal supplements, as well as changes to your diet and lifestyle. Typically, he recommends that patients begin the regimen several weeks before allergy season to build up the immune system and minimize the release of histamines.

Nutrition and Herbs for Allergies

Dr. Fleming also provides recommendations for alleviating acute symptoms of allergies. A combination of Omega 3 fatty acids and certain amino acids reduce congestion and mucous production. Herbs, such as yarrow, stinging nettles, and butterbur, are also helpful for controlling the release of histamines. Dr. Fleming can provide information on oral supplements and foods that contain these ingredients.

Tips for Managing Allergies Naturally

Saline nasal irrigation is beneficial for reducing allergy symptoms. The wash removes allergens and reduces inflammation. You can use a saline nasal spray, as well as a squeeze bottle or a Neti pot filled with a nasal saline solution.

Learn More About Natural Treatments for Allergies

Are you looking for natural allergy treatment options? Call New Health Solutions in Zelienople, PA, today at (724) 452-4167 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fleming.

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